Friday, March 19, 2010

SNSD’s new tracklist & jacket photo figure revealed!

New information regarding SNSD's repackaged album has been released!

According to a representative from SM Entertainment, the girl in the jacket photo of the repackaged album is no other than SNSD's Yoona! The concept of the jacket photo shows a more darker concept compared to their previous cute and bubbly images.

The repackaged album will be released on the 22nd of March and will include each of the members’ posters.

The new tracks to be included has also been revealed...the first is "Echo" then an acoustic R&B version of Star Star Star and of course "Run Devil Run."

A story version MV of their song "Run Devil Run" will also be released so stay tuned! ^_^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls' Generation Releases Oh! MV! + New Album

The wait is almost over as Girls' Generation finally released the music video for their new song entitled Oh! The MV features the girls wearing cute cheerleading outfits and vintage-themed clothing. The song itself is fast becoming a favorite at various online charts despite the rumors of it's similarities with pop/r&b singer Rihanna's song "Shut up and Drive".

I give the girls plus points for coming up with yet another chart topping song!

Here's the MV:

This is the title track for their second Full Album coming out this 2010. This album is said to show a mature version of SNSD.

Here's the tracklist:
1. Oh!
2. Show! Show! Show!
3. 뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
4. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
5. 웃자 (Be Happy)
6. 화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls) -feat.key (SHINee)
7. 카라멜 커피 (Talk To Me)
8. 별별별 (☆★☆)
9. 무조건 해피엔딩 (Stick Wit U)
10. 좋은 일만 생각하기 (Day by Day)
11. Gee
12. 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)

The MP3 track will be released on January 25, and the MV will come out between January 26 & 29. The girls’ album Oh! will be released on the 28th and they will make their comeback performance via MBC Music Core on the 30th, stay tuned for full coverage! - allkpop

Hope you guys like it! ^_^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Younha's Coming Back with New K-pop Album!

Hey everyone! Younha's back! Yaaaay! ^___^

"In April Younha released Part A of her third album,
Peace Love & Ice Cream, and now she's closing the year with the second chapter, Part B: Growing Up. The album title is fitting for the popular singer who just turned 21 this year, but is already celebrating her fifth anniversary as a singer. Younha's latest release confirms not only her talents as a singer, but also her great potential as a songwriter.

Younha wrote and composed three of the album's seven songs, and collaborated with composer You Hee Yeol (Toy) as well as ballad king Kim Bum Soo and diva Hwayobi. Younha teams up with You Hee Yeol to create "Go at Ease" (Track 4), and duets with Kim Bum Soo for "Things I Understand After Breakup" (Track 5). Hwayobi penned the emotional lyrics about the pain of parting for Younha's winter piano ballad "Broke Up Today" (Track 2). Growing Up also includes the feel-good rock pop piece "Like" (Track 3), the modern rock number Say Something, and the New Age-style "22nd Street" (Track 7)." ~

Here's a preview of the album cover:

I must say that I'm pretty excited for this new album ^_^ I've already pre-ordered my copy. Support Younha by pre-ordering your own copy of Younha's new album here.

Here's the tracklist for your reference:

01. Say Something
02. 오늘 헤어졌어요
03. 좋아해
04. 편한가봐
05. 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것
06. LaLaLa
07. 스물두 번째 길
08. 오늘 헤어졌어요(Instrumental)
09. 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것(Instrumental)

According to allkpop, Younha's also busy shooting for the MV of her title track 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Today, I Broke Up). The plot for the MV is about a loving couple wherein the woman unfortunately dies, but the man can't ever forget her. (aaaawwww >.<) The MV also shows Younha kissing a guy ^.^

Here are some photos from the MV:

The CD also contains a song that Younha sang for the movie "Girlfriends" entitled 좋아해 (I like You). The MV for the track was released and it briefly shows famous YG girl group 2NE1.

credits to + for the photos and info

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Younha's New Look!

I've posted Younha's latest PVs for her songs Girl and Sukinanda earlier. But now I'd like to talk about Younha's latest look. She colored her hair and it looks wonderful.

I was looking at her official website earlier and found these amazing photos!

I must say I like this look on her. I'm loving both her singles as well. I'd like to give credit to for the pictures :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Younha - Girl PV + Sukinanda PV

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, I've been busy with work and a lot of other stuff...but finally I'm back!

I'd like to share with you guys two wonder ful songs by my favorite singer YOUNHA! She's back with two Japanese songs entitled Girl and Sukinanda. I'll just be posting the PVs for the meantime. But I'll be updating this post soon so please watch out for the updates.

Girl PV

Sukinanda PV

Credits to YouTube and Official Younha Videos for the vids.

More updates coming soon! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[NEWS] f(x) - Lachata MV teaser

Here's the MV teasers from SM Entertainments newest girl group for their title track "Lachata". Personally I'm loving their first single. I hope that they'll release the full MV soon! :D

Here's some photos of the girls as well...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Gazette new album comes 7/15 out

Attached Image

1. Hakuri
2. The Invisible Wall
3. A Moth Under The Skin
5. Nakagen
6. Erica
7. Headache Man
8. Guren
9. Shikyu
10. 13 Stairs [-] 1
11. Distress And Coma
12. Kanshoku
13. Shiroki Yuu Utsu
14. In The Middle Of Chaos
15. Mousou
16. Ogre
17. Dim Scene


1. The Invisible Wall pv
2. The Other Side Of [DIM]

Monday, June 22, 2009

[DL] AKB48- Namida suspirse ~Single~

New single of AKb48, is finally here, so happy, be happy guys ^ ^


[DL]Nami Tamaki- Greeting ~Album~

This is a really good album, hope you guys like it ^ ^

01. Eternal Voice
02. Believe
03. day by day
04. Complete
05. Be Positive -Hikari no naka de kagayaite -
06. NEVER STOP MY HEART -Kimi to iu kiseki ni-
07. Shining Star *Wasurenaikara*
08. Realize
09. Naked
10. Destiny
11. Ashita no kimi
12. Prayer
13. Believe -Evidence01 Mix-